Canva Guide - How to use our templates

Canva is the platform we used to create our templates. If you don't already have a Canva account you can create one for free here.

Step By Step Guide

How to open templates

After purchase is completed a PDF file link will be sent to the email you provided us.

The links within the PDF will take you to the Canva website, where you will either be asked to login or create a new account. After you have logged in click on the 'Use template' link to begin using.

How to find your templates

After logging into Canva, simply click on the "All your designs" link to view your templates.

How to edit

After opening the template, click or press on any visible element. Once an element is clicked a menu will open that has all editing options specific to that element that you can start customizing to your hearts content.

How to download

Click the Share button on the top right corner of your screen.

In the adjustment menu, you can modify the format (we recommend .JPG for social media) and compress the image to reduce its size (useful for online purposes). Once you have made your desired changes, select the pages you wish to download and press the Download button.

How to duplicate a template

It is advisable to create a backup of the template before making significant changes. To do this, click on the ••• icon on the design and select the "Make a copy" option.

The duplicate of the template will have the same name as the original, and you will be able to access it after refreshing the page. This way, you can safely experiment with the template while having the original version preserved.